Trinity vs. Mansfield Game Story

Written by Thomas Brunt:

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS:    The Trinity Trojans (10-2) defeated the Mansfield Tigers (7-5) 28-7  Saturday afternoon at the Birdville Fine Arts Athletics Complex.    All scores for Trinity occurred in the first-half, as the Tigers held the ball for the majority of the second half, trying to buy a score on offense.   The Tigers, however didn’t have much success against an over-powering Trojan defense.    Trinity’s  second score came when Mansfield fumbled on their first kickoff return of  the game,  this was a 14 yard touchdown score by  Woolley Turner of the Trojans.    At halftime,  Euless Trinity had built up a convincing 28-0  lead on the Tigers.     The Tigers, though they didn’t do better in the second half than in the first half,  were still able to muster more in the second half.       This includes a late fourth-quarter touchdown, with around two minutes left in the game.         Trinity, knowing what to expect got ready for an immediate onside kick,   the Trojans recovered the kick and it was over.        The Trojans will play the South Lake Carroll Dragons on Saturday, December 1rst at the Birdville Fine Arts Athletic Complex, kickoff is 6:00 P.M.


Thomas Brunt occasionally covers other High School Football besides Birdville High School.   You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, email him:



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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