NFL Week 11 Commentary/Aftermath:  Written by  Blog Editor: Thomas Brunt: 

The 49ers got a definitive win on Sunday night, manhandling the Chicago Bears, who started back-up quarterback Jason Campbell.    For Niner’s fans, this game was a relief, as the previous week’s game vs. the Rams left all the fans in the stands scratching their head.  On  the Bears perspective, things are different, as they have lost two games in a row,  despite that though, they are having a strong-season, as they stand at 7-3.


Why is Andy Reid still in Philadelphia?:    I don’t really feel like this one needs an explanation.   But, please feel free to  Gorge yourself  with explanations of you’re own in the comments section, though, would love to read my reader’s opinions.           Fine, if  I must:    ( 1.):  The QB controversy:  The reason for all these turnovers, may not be all  Vick’s fault, you know.   As Reid is the one in charged of the playbook, mainly.  (2).: After 15 years as the head-coach of this team, he still can’t get it done.  He’s been there in the big one, before, but couldn’t do it, I say fire Reid.  



I’m not convinced that the Houston Texans are the real-deal, nope, not even at 9-1:

Yep, you read that right.  No, I’m not a believer in the Texans.   I don’t  think they are the real-deal, and even if they do finish the season 15-1, they probably will not make it  far in the playoffs.   Look, this team has a solid defense, not to say that their offense isn’t good, but let’s be honest here, that Wade Philips defense is pretty good, but are they really this good?  Not after surrendering 37 points to an abysmal Jacksonville Jaguars team.


Ben Rothlisberger should probably retire now: 

That injury, you know, I’m no medical expert, unless a  team doctor tells me what it is, and right now, I can’t remember what it is.   Something to do with his heart, you know.    I say if has remotely anything to do with you’re heart, just retire, because.. you have a full life ahead of you, if you get an injury while still in the league, don’t continue to play.   It’s not worth it.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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