For the Cowboys and the NFL, it’s all about Survival


For the Cowboys, it’s all about survival: 

Written by Thomas Brunt: 

Survival, for every team, is the number one priority in the NFL, especially  if you’re the Dallas Cowboys, but don’t tell them that.


This is a team that barely beat… the Cleveland Browns.    Who are these Dallas Cowboys?    It seems that their true identity can be figured out one week, but it doesn’t stay that way every week. That very reality, right there, is the Cowboys’ biggest problem more than anything else.


Dallas isn’t fooling anyone. Sunday’s ketchup-bottle-squeak-by win wasn’t impressive.   The lingering issue is consistency (or a lack thereof) — that’s what it takes to reach and then remain in the upper echelon of the NFL.

If there’s anything that can be learned  for sure about this team, is to never assume who or what they are.     Yes, they’re the Dallas Cowboys,  but to dig beyond the surface, it’s more precise to say that they’re a team without an identity. Winning teams establish a proven identity, a formula for success. The Cowboys have not done so in 2012.

I’m no film guru like John Gruden is, but I can tell you what I know for sure: Quarterback Tony Romo shouldn’t shoulder all the blame for Dallas’ struggles, largely because he’s been trying to merely survive the season. Romo is constantly on the run, trying to make nothing out of something due to his swiss-cheese offensive line, but don’t tell him that — it’s something he already knows.

Survival is important for the Cowboys, and for head coach Jason Garrett, who often gets blamed for late-game clock mismanagement adventures, this season has not been very fun. In the midst of adversity, you know everyone is going to point the finger right at the head coach or the quarterback. Garrett and Romo must respond to that pressure by doing what they can to minimize the impotence of their offensive line. That is the key to a successful stretch run of this 2012 season.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school’s newspaper: “The Hawk” as well as an inside sports-reporter for his school.  Follow him on Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350, email him here:



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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