Cowboys were Turkeys in Sunday’s win vs. Browns, they can’t be that again on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday’s game) vs. Washington

The Cowboys showed some pre-turkey holiday jitters in Sunday’s  win vs. Cleveland, and that’s not a good sign.    It’s not a good sign when you are having to play from behind a team like the Browns, especially at home.

For the most part of  Sunday’s game, Dallas was exactly what they didn’t want to be, the turkeys being examined before they get cooked for Thanksgiving, or something like that.    But the Browns, like they have shown a tendency for all season long, stopped playing good football, and  somehow, apparently absent mindedly  allowed the Turkey out of the oven, or something like that, as well.    When this happens, well, the whole meal is ruined, for some, and for the Browns, it was ruined, or it’s messed up, just a bit, and at Thanksgiving, you can’t have that.   The Cowboys had that on Sunday, and with just  four days until Thanksgiving day, the Cowboys have the Redskins on Thursday.    — Dallas can’t let Washington make them  the official holiday meal, or else they may not make the playoffs, if that happens, the Cowboys won’t have much to be thankful for on Thursday.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paper: “The Hawk”  and is an inside sports-reporter for his school, and other wire service blogs.    Follow his personal Twitter Feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, email him you’re sports comments/questions/rants/opinions here:




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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