MY GAME STORY on Birdville Playoff Game/Win against Azle: When in Doubt, hand it off to Xavier Turner

FORT-WORTH:    The Hawks handed it off to junior running-back Xavier Turner, and all problems are of no more.   Well at  least for the Birdville Hawks, anyways.
The Hawks advanced to the second round of the playoffs, in defeating Azle at Ranger Stadium on Thursday night at Ranger Stadium.   — The Hornets (7-4) gave Birdville *(11-0)* all they could handle, as they pushed Birdville to their limits. “They played hard, they kept it close, we  continued to fight,” said quarterbacks coach Allen Smith.
That statement defintely stands true for the Hawks who hadn’t been tested like that at all during the regular season.   Defensive Coordinator coach Phil Shafer said that it was good for them to be tested.  —   The Hornets came close several times in the game, but every time Azle scored,  the Hawks had an answer, whether it was a field-goal, or a touchdown.   Birdville, was also clutch on offense, as they converted on a few big third-downs, that is thanks to Turner, who ran all over the Azle defense with 257 yards rushing, and while you’re at it, add a few rushing touchdowns.
 — Turner added most of the spark for the Birdville offense in this big playoff game, including a Azle crowd-silencer with about two minutes left in the game.        — Take away the passing game from Birdville, and they still have that running game.
But the defenses for both team’s we’re far from solid, if anything, as both the Hornets and Hawks traded scores just about all game long, but it doesn’t matter.    Because when you play that kind of game with Birdville, they’ll get you with that running-game,  and all problems are solved for the Hawks.    — Just hand it off to Xavier Turner, and everything will be just okay.
Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for “The Hawk” newspaper,  and an inside sports-reporter for Birdville High School.   Follow his personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, email him:

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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