Why Micheal Jordan’s better than “King”-James

LeBron James isn’t the same galaxy as Micheal Jordan, nope.  — And it’s going to be a while longer, still.   James, though to his credit does have a Championship ring, but that’s 5 behind Jordan.   — Plus let me ask you this, who would you rather have the ball in their hands in the final seconds of a close game?   — Jordan, by far.    — Let me rephrase that statement: “Jordan in his prime” of course.   But, obviously it’s not fair to have LeBron go up against  Jordan, who granted can still probably play, but not to the level that he used to.   We are comparing careers here, not how bad  James would  embarrass Jordan in a rather quick 1-1 match-up.

— Whatever you do though, don’t ask who’s better in their prime, because well let’s face it, Jordan’s just always going to be a few steps ahead in the Milky-Way solar-system.   And the reasons are as follows:  A. The Clutch Gene: Just isn’t quite yet there for James, who has the ability to score and pass, really nice passes, (no one is going to remember you because of your pass in basketball, not remember you like MJ, anyways) B: As I mentioned already in this column, the fact that the self-proclaimed: “King-James” is  5  Championship rings behind the great Micheal Jordan.  C.: Career wise:  Jordan was just a  chip or two better than LeBron in his prime.    Micheal Jordan was so good, that he even scored 38 points in a game with the flu (and not just any-game, but a Finals-Game), what’s LeBron done?  Hit an 89 foot shot against the Celtics? (When he was on Cleveland)    D.:  LeBron plays fancy basketball, not team 100% team basketball, like Jordan did.   — More than anything, that’s why Micheal was able to win 6 NBA Championships, not because of his ability to score, not because of his personal awards, but because of the team, and his skills.

— There was also something that Jordan had, that is special among basketball players.   That’s the clutch-gene.     I can’t even tell you how many games for the Chicago Bulls ended up with Micheal Jordan with the ball, and they had a chance to win it in the final-seconds, and he makes it.     — How many games has LeBron choked in the fourth-quarter, turning it over, not hitting on shots, or jacking it up?   The answer:  To many to count.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paper: “The Hawk”, and  a sports-insider for his school,  follow his personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, shoot him an email: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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