Jerry Jones isn’t going to step down as the GM of Cowboys, lesson we should learn: Don’t Doubt Jerry’s Power, rather his arrogance

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that he’s not going to step down as the team’s GM anytime soon.    — That is if anyone had even a shade of a doubt about it.   If there ‘s a lesson to be learned here, it shall be that he’s not going to let go something like this, because the media is whining about it.   Jerry is one of those guy’s that will shove it in you’re face.

— He’d love to prove all wrong, but there’s one area, that of which Mr. Jones’s team’s can’t seem to satisfy.    It’s having a team that can go deep in the post-season, with a legitimate, solid team.     If  the Cowboys had just that, if Dallas wasn’t missing any key pieces,  and won a  Super-Bowl,  you wouldn’t hear the end of  Jerry-Jones and rants of his team finally winning the big-one.     Jones has all the power in his very fingertips, has a gigantic stadium of his very own, that really, besides a giant titan-tron, doesn’t really serve any purposes.   But despite all of this, Jerry  Jones isn’t going to step-down.    —  The Media is questionable to some of  Jones’s abilities.   — That doesn’t stop him.   He’s Jerry.   Jerry Jones, of course.

— What’s the  purpose that all the power that he has, if never utilized?




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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