Cowboys and Eagles both having bad-seasons..

The Cowboys, much like the Eagles, haven’t had a good-season, and Dallas, like Philadelphia lost their game.  The Eagles lost their game on  Monday night  against the Saints, which added to Brees’s consecutive amount of games with a touchdown pass, making it 52 games in a row, but back to the struggles of the Eagles and Cowboys.  Dallas, who finished second in the NFC East last-season, isn’t making a very good case for themselves this season.  The Cowboys are in hot-water, at 3-5.   — This,   as you would imagine, would only make things harder for Dallas.    But in the hecktic conference that is the NFC East, things  are rockier  in there, as oppose to other conferences.   Philadelphia’s troubles have started with turnovers.  It’s been sloppy, for the Eagles, and the turnovers have mainly come from quarterback, Michael Vick, who has fumbled more times than Andy Reid can count starts for Vick.





Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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