The Falcons win, but the Cowboys still get the attention..

The Atlanta Falcons remain undefeated with a victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.    But who’s  really interested  in the Falcons?     — It’s not a surprise  the Cowboys,  get the attention.   It’s always on the Cowboys.  Or so it would seem.  America’s team, get’s all the attention, because they’re like an up-and down roller-coaster.    — The story for Dallas hasn’t changed.  It’s only gotten more intriguing to watch, and not the football that they play, but also the off the field occurrences .

They’ve always been getting the publicity, it’s just… well, they seem to be  far from a flawless team.   That’s the problem, but   another problem, or only to  some, anyway, some  would think is that  Dallas get’s all the attention, no matter what.   No one cares about Atlanta staying undefeated.   If  they lost, it would still be the same situation. The attention would be on Dallas.

They lose a game but does anything really change?   Are the reporters,  columnists, bloggers, beat-writers, and fans going to take their eyes of off  the team with the star on their helmets?  No, not for one second.

— The Cowboys may be 3-5, but what has really changed?    Besides the mind-set in the locker-room, and inside the minds of the players on the team that: “We’re 3-5, we better get it together” what has changed?

— A Cowboy’s victory would usually be summed up with Tony Romo, a defeat would be the same , only in the fact that the fingers are being pointed at who?, what are the usual hot-topics in the NFL?   You’re answer, the Dallas Cowboys.

While the Falcons have achieved what seems to be an impressive 8-0 record, the Cowboys is what has everyone talking, as they won’t be taking an eye off of that star, anytime soon.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paper: “The Hawk”,   he likes to blog on this  blog about mainly the DFW sports-teams.  Follow his personal Twitter feed here: @SPORTSDUDE350, email:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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