Sunday Morning QB Column *Special*

Written by Thomas Brunt                                                                                                   

Week 9 features some premiere quarterback matchups,  below are what I think are the top ones:

Here are the Top Quarterback showdowns of the day: 

Eli Manning vs. Ben Rothlisberger:

It’s been three years since the two men last clashed, with the Giants winning that one 21-14, as New York rallied in the four-quarter to win it.   Notable stats from that game include:  Eli Manning 19-32 for a passing touchdown, and 199 yards, Ben Rothlisberger threw four picks.   This one should be prettier.    You only get to see this match-up happen once every four years,  as they say in the wrestling world, book it.    I like Pittsburgh in this one.    New York has shown that they are more than capable of  winning games in come from behind fashion in the fourth-quarter, but I’m not so sure about it this time.   Not against a tougher Pittsburgh team, no way.    While the quarterback match-up is why this one is in this column, I believe the Steeler’s are going to win this one, ultimately, thanks to the defense.    It should also be noted that both these quarterbacks are apart of the 2004 NFL Draft Class.

Tony Romo vs. Matt Ryan:

One has played longer in the league.   The other, while having less experience overall in the league, has more playoff victories than the other.     For Matt Ryan, his team is 7-0, meanwhile Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is having the usually roller-coaster ride.    Romo and the Boy’s are 3-4, and a loss against the unbeaten Falcons would mark them in fool’s gold range.    Dallas, at this point in time of the season can’t afford the expenses of being a 3-5 team.   Dallas, while their play on the field is the main reason they are where they are, another thing is head-coach, Jason Garrett’s mismanagement’s in late-game situations.   Dallas’s inability to climb late close game tunnels, as shown in the past few weeks is also another reason as to their current predicament.

— Atlanta, much unlike Dallas has been consistent, and it all starts the quarterback position.  — Okay, all but one-game, the Falcons have been consistent.   — A close escape victory over the Oakland Raiders a few weeks ago, as Ryan threw three interceptions.   — Speaking of consistency, as I’ve stated before, Romo isn’t exactly Captain Consistency.  Despite his inconsistencies this season,  to credit him, he has shown flashes of greatness, only at times, though.

Cam Newton vs. Robert GriffinIII:

Will be a special-treat.  Enough said on this one.


Andrew Luck vs. Ryan Tannahill (Rookie Quarterback Challenge):

Luck has made the biggest impact, by far out of any current rookie, no question about it.  Tannahill, he’s been okay himself, though not near what Luck or Griffin have been, I still think it’s one to keep an eye out on.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paper: “The Hawk”  follow Thomas’s personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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