5 Things To Look For Cowboys vs. Falcons

Written by site blogger/columnist: Thomas Brunt                                                    thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com

Here’s what I think are the 5 Things To Look For In tonight’s Game between the Dallas Cowboys, and the Atlanta Falcons: 

  • Cowboys ability to mix it up on offense.  Dallas needs to show they can run a balanced offense, and do it successfully, as they are facing an undefeated  Atlanta Falcons team.   It’s going to take an all out effort by the Cowboys, if they want to hand Atlanta their first loss of the season, that is.
  • Cowboys defense, secondary needs to step it up a notch against the wide-outs of Atlanta.    The Cowboys need to stop   Roddy White, and AJ Green, as they are both deep threats in this dangerous Atlanta receiving crop, if they can do that, along with a successful offense, Dallas could be coming out of  the Georgia Dome with a victory.
  • Getting off to a good start:  Unlike last-Sunday’s opening melt-down, the Cowboys must get off to a strong-start, and maintain that level of play.
  • Dallas will also, once again, need to get touchdown’s in this one.   When facing an offense, like the caliber of  Atlanta, touchdown’s will help in the game.




Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paper: “The Hawk” follow his personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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