My Short Cowboys Mailbag Column..

Thank you for taking part in my Cowboys Mailbag Column, which I will try to do weekly, the following questions down below are from the same person, thank you (Brandon Holmes) for the questions: 

  • About Dez Bryant: I think he has the potential to be more beneficial.. he just hasn’t matured yet, I don’t know him personally, but I can only go off of what I hear and report on him, and so far.. not the best of reports, he needs to sharpen up in that aspect, I also think he has a lot of potential ON the field, as well… his skills just have to be utilized more, maybe it’s the plays the team uses, that don’t work up to what he’s used to? What ever the reason I think we have only seen half of the player he really is, or will someday become, but first, he has to mature a bit, of course.

  • Felix Jones or DeMarco Murray: Murray.. but with the Cowboys, they always seem to PASS the ball, and not run… that’s one of the PROBLEMS that this team has.

  • Final Record Prediction: — 9-7  (Wild-Card)  (3rd place in NFC East)

    * = Division Winner

    ( Predicted Standings for NFC East for now):

    1. *New York Giants*: 12-4

    2. Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6

    3.  Dallas Cowboys: 9-7

    4. Washington Redskins: 8-8


    Please note that some more questions may or may not added/and or revised or deleted later, 

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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