Cowboys vs. Panthers 10.21.12 Preview

The  Dallas Cowboys (2-3) head to Charlotte, North Carolina to face the  Carolina Panthers (1-4).

Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker, Anthony Spencer will reportedly, according to sources play in today’s game vs. the Carolina Panthers, but Cowboy’s wide-receiver Dez  Bryant is questionable, if he can’t play, expect Kevin Olgtree to be in his spot for Sunday’s game vs. the 1-4 Carolina Panthers.

Cowboys Storylines to keep an eye out on today:

Managing themselves under pressure: 

As shown last-week in the bad part on communication between Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and head-coach Jason Garrett Dallas needs to be careful down the stretch when they could be GAINING yards with time plunging away, just a bad part on the Cowboys last-Sunday.

Don’t be fooled about the Panthers record: 

Right now, Carolina stands at what would seem to be an abysmal 1-4 record, but they’re play overall in their games hasn’t exactly been “abysmal”, as shown a couple of weeks ago vs. Atlanta, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can put up some solid numbers, and can run the option pretty good, as of late though, Newton, has been in a NFL Quarterback Sophomore slump, he will most likely rise above that soon.

Dallas’s first time against the Option this season: 

The Cowboys defense needs to be aware, as they are going up against one of the league’s best at running the option, with quarterback Cam Newton, as explained above.  — Look for Ryan’s defense to use moves specifically designed to stop the option-play.   — Also, look for Bruce Carter, of the Cowboys defense, to try and go out there and stop this.


Cowboys:  24-Panthers: 22.

Cam Newton | Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton | Carolina Panthers (Photo credit: Football Schedule)

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