RAW Review (10/15/12)

  • RAW is Live in Nashville Tennessee, WWE Announcers show tweet from CM Punk (WWE Champion) stating that he has made up his mind for his opponent for the Hell In A Cell Paper-View.   Announcers on Moday Night’s show are: Micheal Cole, and Jim Ross.  
  •   The Big Show comes out and talks about Sheamus and the brogue kick.   — Show goes on to talk about how he didn’t want to “embarrass Sheamus on SmackDown“, and says he is going to correct a mistake on RAW, a mistake in which he lost the World-Heavy-weight title in 45 seconds to Daniel Bryan, back in December.   Big Show says he wants face Bryan, they show Daniel Bryan, among other wrestlers in the backstage watching the Big Show in the T.V in the backroom.  The RAW GM (AJ Lee) than goes into make Bryan go out there and face the Big Show, Bryan’s theme hits, fans show plenty of enthusiasm to Bryan. 
  • Daniel Bryan goes outside the ring, and RAW takes their first commercial break of the night,  RAW comes back live on T.V with Bryan having the upper-hand, the Big Show gets back into the drivers-seat of the match, Bryan has Show down on his knees in the ring, Bryan takes advantage, as he kicks him several times in a row, goes for the attempted pin, Show kicks out at a count of  2.   Daniel Bryan attempts a top-rope jump to land on the disadvantaged big show, who than gets up in time, to choke-slam him and pin Bryan for a final count of 3, as the Big Show wins.

Kane than comes out with his theme song hitting, as he heads into the ring with the Big Show, and Bryan still down.  Big Show clinches his fists, as does Kane, Show leaves the ring with the fans booing.

Kane confronts Bryan, and Kane shouts: “Yes!”, meanwhile Bryan shouting back with: “No!” back and forth, right before  RAW heads to their second commercial break, Micheal Cole (announcer) reminds us that the WWE Champion CM Punk has already made up his mind for his opponent at the Hell in a Cell paper-view, via Twitter.

RAW returns live for the second time, with Paul Heyman making a speech on the WWE Champion CM Punk, Heyman goes on to remind us that he (CM Punk) has been the WWE Champion, and has been for the past 333 days.  Punk’s theme song hits, he receives a lot of  boo’s from the crowd (normal for a heel in pro wrestling).  Punk gets into the ring, Heyman gladly hands him the microphone.  — Punk goes on to recap what happened on last-week’s episode, reminding us that he slapped the owner of WWE (Mr.McMahon) in the face.  CM Punk goes on and compares himself to a “devil” stating that that’s how he’s been treated by everyone.     Punk says since you all have been so disrespectful, maybe I should take more time to make up his mind, the owner/chairman of the WWE comes out with a microphone, and says that their will be a contract signing, and he will determine Punk’s opponent than, also says:  “I hope you can (respect) that”.

RAW takes their third commercial break of the show.

Monday Night RAW returns to live television, with RAW showing a clip from Friday Night SmackDown.

They go back to the Show.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring, wrestling against Broadus Clay.

The Announcers announce that

Del Rio focuses on the left-arm of Clay, working his way up with an arm-breaker on the tricep of Clay.   — Del Rio makes Clay tap, signaling a submission victory for Del Rio.

They show a backstage segment between the WWE Champion CM Punk, and Paul Heyman. Punk goes on to tell Heyman that he wants him to tell Mr.McMahon that he wants to fight him for another chance at his opponent for the paper-view.

RAW takes their fourth commercial break of the night.

They return to a tag-team match between Darren Young, and Titus O’Neil vs. Zach Ryder and Sainto Marrela.   — O’Neil and Young are easily the victors in the match. After the match, Heath Slater runs out with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. They dump Santino and beat down Ryder before tossing him also. They each have a generic line for the mic and Slater says their name is “3 Man Band”.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come out.   Vickie Guerrero comes out to the stage with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has something important to say and he complains about Ryback being up for a title shot on his way to the ring. Ziggler says Ryback is a flash in the pan and soon we won’t even remember his name.

Ziggler says he will still be here. Ziggler says if anyone deserves a WWE Title match, it’s him. Ziggler says he wants Punk at Hell In a Cell so he can win both titles in the same night. David Otunga comes out and agrees about Ryback. Otunga heads to the ring and says Ziggler doesn’t deserve a shot either. Otunga says it’s time he gets his title shot. Otunga takes a shot at Vickie. AJ Lee’s music hits and out comes the General Manager. AJ makes Otunga and Ziggler vs. Ryback and here he comes.

Vince McMahon is backstage on the phone when Heyman walks in.  Paul Heyman gives props to Vince for last week’s performance and brings up Punk’s challenge for a rematch tonight. Heyman proposes if Punk wins, he gets to pick his opponent for Hell In a Cell. Vince agrees but adds that the match would be against Heyman, not Punk. Heyman says no and Vince tells him to get out of his sight. Vince smiles and says he loves being him.

RAW shows John Cena hanging out with the New York Jets NFL Football team on Sunday’s Jets game, promoting the WrestleMania 29 site.

The United States Champion Antonio Cesaro takes on Justin Gabriel, good match, Cesaro emerges victorious, as Cesaro almost lost, but thanks to a foot being the bottom rope, Gabriel’s pin that could have been a 3 count didn’t count.

SmackDown Broadcaster Josh Matthews vs. Kane match next, as the earlier segment between (Matthews & AJ Lee).  Also should be noted that the main-reason this match is starting because of  last Friday night’s burst-out, when Kane, the 15 year WWE veteran choke-slammed Matthews, who insulted Kane and his tag-team partner Daniel Bryan on that same SmackDown.

Kane shouts on the mic: “I am the tag-team champions”, leaves the ring with the tag-team championship belt with his theme song.

The WWE’s Intercontinental Champion, The Miz is in the Ring for his segment on the show,

MizTV. Miz talks about how Kofi Kingston challenged him on Main Events and calls him out. Kofi comes out.
They go back and forth on the mic. Kofi says he will beat Miz on Wednesday’s Main Event to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Kofi says it will be must see. Kofi proposes a match between the two tonight. Miz accepts and rips into Kofi some more. Kofi tackles Miz and beats him out of the ring.

Divas Match for the Divas Championship between the current Divas Champion:  Eve

Eve vs. Layla

Eve retains the Divas Championship

The  last part of the show is focusing on the WWE Champion CM Punk, the face of the company John Cena, and the new and up-rising “next-big thing” in Ryeback, this was set up earlier in the show when the chairman and CEO of the WWE, Mr.Vince McMahon decided he would make the decision of Punk in a contract signing.   — Vince picks Ryeback to compete for CM Punk’s WWE Championship belt, the show ends with Ryeback shell-shocking Punk, and crashing him through the table in the ring.



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