My Thoughts on the Jets..

Note: This has some Edits in it.. 

                The Jets currently stand at 500. with a 2-2 record, with wins over Buffalo (48-28), and a victory on the road at Miami,  in a pair of AFC East games.   — The last game has pretty much everyone talking… and pointing fingers. In an ugly game, the Jets got manhandled by the San Francisco 49ers at home, 34-0. It’s not as though the Jets never stood a chance at all in this contest, as they were in it at halftime, down only 10-0. Quarterback  Mark Sanchez was 13-29 in Sunday’s game, throwing for 103 yards, with an average of 3.6 yards per throw. 
  — Even after such a wretched performance, it shouldn’t be time for head coach Rex Ryan and the Jets to pull the trigger on a quarterback change – not just yet. This is because Sanchez, to his credit, did produce a couple of victories before the trash game he turned in against the 49ers.      
— Some might argue an opposing point: Sunday’s postgame scene marked the first-time in a press conference that Ryan wasn’t making excuses after a loss; after a loss like that, there’s nothing to cover up. The Jets haven’t exactly been captain           consistency under Ryan as their head coach, therefore leading some to press the panic button. Ryan, the reasoning goes, may not get a lot of opportunities left to prove himself as the Jets’ head coach. Such a line of argumentation may lead to re-thinking the depth chart, in order to see if the team can win more games under different players, such as Tim Tebow at quarterback. While it’s only four-games into the season, it’s worth pointing out that the 2011 Denver Broncos — adrift and troubled — switched to Tebow after five weeks of Kyle Orton under center.  Denver made the decision, and look at how that went.  The Jets are facing the same basic choice right now. 
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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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