Post Observations From Sunday’s Batch Of Games: NFL Week Four Reactions *COLUMN*


Here are my observations from Sunday’s big batch of NFL action (week four): 

Matt Ryan continues to prove he is clutch: 

The Falcons are clutch.  Thanks to a clutch final drive led by Pro-Bowl Potential quarterback, Matt Ryan, the Falcons are now 4-0.   — Atlanta started their final-drive of  this game from the one yard-line, as Ryan completed 5  passes for a total of 63 yards on it, than setting up a 40 yard Matt Bryant field-goal, giving Atlanta a 30-28 victory over Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, in a thrilling game.       —   I’d also like to give some credit to Carolina Panthers’ 2nd year starting quarterback, Cam Newton who had an impressive game, even in a loss, as he went 15-24, with 215 yards, and 3 touchdowns from Newton.

Maybe the Houston Texans are  For Real: 

— The Texans, like the Falcons, stand at 4-0 after four games of play in the NFL’s 16 game regular season.

Unlike Atlanta, though, Houston didn’t have to deal with a back-and forth see-saw battle, as they had no problem at all taking care of business, in a lopsided game, winning 38-14 at home in Houston, in Reliant Stadium.  — Though, it should be noted that Tennessee did lose their starting quarterback (Jake Locker) to an injury in that game.

Philadelphia erases ugly bird-drop in the eye week 3 loss to Arizona:

— After getting thumped by the Arizona Cardinals in week 3, as the Eagles were able to get rid of a sour-taste in their mouth, by beating NFC East division rival, the New York Giants.



Jets get shut out at home vs. the 49ers: 

“It’s the recipe for getting our a$$es kicked”  as put by Jets’ head-coach Rex Ryan.   — If you think about it though, it’s not like the Jets weren’t ever in the game at all, if you don’t remember, let me remind you that this game was 10-0 for a good part of this game, and then.. KABOOM…  34-0 49ers.    — I’d say San Fran definitely got back on track after a  loss to Minnesota, 24-13, being the final score.



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