The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Dallas Cowboys

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Dallas Cowboys

By Thomas Brunt ON SEP 29, 11:31P , Sports-Editor for the Hawk Newspaper:

What Happened to the Dallas Cowboys that went into East Rutherford, who soundly defeated the Defending World Champion New York Giants in Week 1?

— In Week two, we had the sloppy Cowboys show up in Seattle, losing 27-7, than in week 3, while getting a victory, their offense wasn’t as impressive as it could have been as they only had flashes of greatness, winning 16-10 vs, theTampa Bay Buccaneers. Week 4 features another home-game on Monday Night vs.Chicago, the last-home game before starting another two game road trip for the Cowboys.

— Chicago, much like Dallas’s offensive line isn’t their number one strength, both defenses are solid, both quarterbacks are Pro-Bowl worthy, so if you look at that way, on paper the two would seemingly match up equally together, because they are playing at home in Jerry-World, some might give them an advantage due to that fact alone, but crowds, (yes, home-crowds, too) can’t win you the game, as they can only give you self-confidence momentum boosters throughout the game, and with 80,000 +, sometimes, that’s all it takes. Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, will have to watch out for the Cowboy defense, as DeMarcus Ware could have a standout game, taking advantage of one of the league’s more vulnerable Offensive-line’s in Chicago, and if Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can have a solid field-day, with an effective Dallas running-game, this one should be a Dallas victory, but you don’t win with “If”s” in Sports, especially in Pro Football, which leads to the next point.
That’s the case for Week Two’s trash game at Seattle, after the impressive road victory in week one at the Giants, it was all about “If”s”, and the part where you have actually have to make the things happen in Pro Sports is what bit the Cowboy’s in the butt in a nasty week two game, that should stopped being talked about in this column, now. If the Cowboys squeeze out another ugly victory, this time vs. the Bears, it could be another one of those year’s for Dallas, you know, those years, all over again.


Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his High School paper: “The Hawk”

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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