Take on A Couple of NFL related Topic This Morning

 Thomas Brunt’s take on a couple of NFL related topics   I may or may not update this post with more of my opinions on other NFL related topics: 

Jason Witten is insane for playing in the NFL with an injured spleen: 

The only thing I know about this for sure, is that I wouldn’t be doing this, if I was him.  The guy is now, more than ever really sacrificing his body every Sunday, it’s serious, now more than ever at this point, so far, though for Witten, every-time he’s taken a hit, he’s been fine.       — Some people say they think he’s getting to old, that’s not true.  He can still  run, he can still cut up, past his defenders, and attempt to make the catch, on the timed route, so no,  I certainly  don’t think he’s getting to old, so in short, it’s just his spleen, I hope that he is O.K, and doesn’t get  hurt worse than he is.     — One last-thing on this: I can’t quite locate Witten’s logic to play here, but he’s a warrior, and that’s definitely what makes him one,  I for sure have a great amount of respect for him here.



The Refs Are Back:  Which means there will still be bad calls, they aren’t perfect, but they are, at least the qualified guys to make a bad-call, when they will make them, and trust me, they will, the job that they have is impossible, yet they do it, that says a lot about them.   ( And yes, I do believe that Monday Night’s controversial call pushed them to make a comeback to take over  the replacement guys).

Thursday Night Football Prediction:   Browns at Ravens:  Baltimore is probably a very tough place to play on the road.  — And the Browns, well they’re the ones that have to play in Baltimore.   — Have to go with Baltimore here.

FINAL SCORE Prediction: Ravens: 33, Browns: 14.



Thomas Brunt is the  Sports-Editor for his school-paper: “The Hawk”  and  he goes to Birdville High School, as a Sophomore.


Follow my personal Twitter space: @SPORTSDUDE350

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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