— The Replacement Referees not only cheated the Seeahawks on Monday Night’s game, but they also technically cheated  the Seattle Seeahawks out of doing their own personal best, when they made the controversial call that everyone is talking about now.   —  Hear me out here, and things will start to make sense, or not, either way I’ll attempt to explain my opinion in this post.   — With that call being made, Seattle doesn’t realize it,  but whether players on the team like it or not, it’s true, Seattle got cheated in the sense that they needed an extra-call to give them the win,  which proves that they couldn’t beat Green Bay for sure, without help, that is how, Seattle also got cheated, as well.



UPDATE:  The Referees that were locked out, are now back in, and the league’s credibility has been gained back.    — So, the Referees get what they want (their money), but the Packers still get screwed, call me Skip Bayless, but this all seems like the work of the WWE, to me.

— This report on the referees should come as good-news to Packer fans.   — Obviously, the  normal referees will make some mistakes, and or bad calls, but hey, like the replacement referees, they’re human.  — But there is just absolutely no excuse for what happened on Monday Night Football, which is most likely what got the normal referee union to put a deal together, as I type this:  Another update, courtesy of ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter who has just now reported there will indeed be a regular referee union working Thursday’s night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.


Thomas Brunt is  the sports-editor for his school-newspaper: “The Hawk” he goes to Birdville High School

Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350 

Email: thesportsguy.brunt@gmail.com 


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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