Take on Controversial Call on MNF

The Seeahawks got away with a crime, and the Packers got convicted on Monday Night. — One of the most infamy calls in league history costed Green-Bay the game on the road in Seattle.
— It’s bad, it really is, and there is reason to worry,   — I don’t care if it’s only three games into the season, sure it doesn’t hold any playoff implications, but that’s exactly the thing that could end happening later on in the season, that is if a deal to bring back the regular referees back doesn’t ever take place this season.  But as Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports.com reminds us, it is the owners that are locking out the regular refs. —  While the replacement referees made the call, the owners started this mess in the first place, so go blame all owners in the NFL,  if they hadn’t started anything, everything would be okay,  late-night’s call to end the game would have been called the right-way, but it wasn’t, and it all starts with the owners.
I mean why shouldn’t they be blamed?   — Go ahead, and blame the replacement referees all you want because they made that call.  — That’s not who and or what you should be pointing your finger at though.  Nope, blame money, it’s what’s keeping the regular referees away, or blame the two guys that called what they did last-night, go ahead, I can see the reasoning in that, still doesn’t change my view.    — Blame Greed, it’s what’s keeping the higher paid men in Zebra uniforms that are  doing this.   Blame Roger Goodell, he’s the one that the owners are behind, so… wait a minute.. he has to have the owners behind him on this?  — It all goes back to the owners, in the first place.
So whatever you do, just don’t blame the replacement referees, the owners are what brought them here, in the first place, doesn’t that prove my opinion all the more?
Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-writer
Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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