Week 4 Picks (NFL) *COLUMN*

Now That Week 3 is almost in the books, and Monday Night Football on tonight, 31 games have been played, from Thursday and Sunday, so without further ado, here are my Week 4 picks for the games that matter, and some extra stuff.


WEEK 4 Picks (Games That Matter):

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday Night Football, NBC):

— See, I told you the turnovers would catch up to them. –Both teams hate each other, as they are conference rivals in the NFC East. – The Eagles looked bad on Sunday, real bad, as they got trampled 27-6. — Meanwhile, the G-Men have been dominating ever since they lost to the Cowboys in Week 1, and they haven’t looked back.  They have been on fire. In two combined games the Giants’ offense has compiled a total of 71 total points of offense.  Fantastic playing from the Giants, I don’t see them slowing down. The Eagles offense hasn’t been that of  New York’s, or even close, not even close,  in fact in  two games, the Eagles committed seven turnovers. — Prediction: New York: 27, Philadelphia: 17.

49ers vs. Jets:


Well, San Francisco  lost their first game of the season on Sunday on the road, against the Vikings.

— I did say the 49ers were going to be dominant, but I also said they weren’t going to be unbeatable, as shown in Sunday’s game. — Meanwhile, The Miami Dolphins shot themselves straight in the foot, by calling a timeout as Miami blocked New York’s Field-Goal  attempt. On the ensuing play, the Jets got a field goal up to win the game. Way to go Miami Coaching Staff. – I really hope they understand how big a screw-up like that is, because it is big. — Here’s a random sub-note on that game: Last-season, The 49ers didn’t allow a single rushing touchdown until Week 15, this season, three weeks in, on Sunday they allowed one to Miami.

Cowboys vs. Bears:

As for the Dallas Cowboys, yeah, they won in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington vs. the Buccaneers, 16-10. — Must say: not the most impressive effort by the Cowboys’ offense. While at times their offense had flashes of good moments, overall both the Tampa, and Dallas offenses weren’t really on target.

— Now for Tampa Bay, they couldn’t move the chains for their lives unlike their previous week, where they put up 34 in East Rutherford against  the Giants.  Buccaneers quarterback  Freeman wasn’t on target at all, Vincent Jackson was  targeted numerous times, and only caught one reception, a big one though (for the time-being in the game), it was just a total train-wreck overall for the Bucs offense in this one. — I don’t care enough about the Bears to write anything about them, other than that someone has made a hot TumBlr blog, about Jay Cutler called: “Smoking Cutler”.

Prediction: Dallas: 24, Chicago: 10.


Bust of  The Week: 

Vincent Jackson.  — Really?  — One catch for over 20 yards is all?  — Ouch.    — I guess the Cowboys defense has improved under Rob Ryan (2nd year defensive coordinator for Dallas).   What can I say though, great effort by the Cowboy defense to stop Jackson in this one.

Sunday’s game of the Day  (Possibly Game Of  The Year, Even):

Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans: 

— How can anyone top this performance by either teams?  — Sure, there was no defense, but that’s exactly what made this one fun, as the fans there in attendance certainly got a treat there, as the Tennessee Titans defeated the defenseless (no defense) Detroit Lions 44-41, the final in overtime, just wow about this game.    — I also didn’t want to forget to mention Lions backup quarterback Shaun Hill (in for the injured Matthew Stafford), just can’t say enough about his efforts to not give up on Sunday.



The Race For The NFC East Championship Takes Off:

— Both Dallas and New York came out victorious on Sunday.   — I wouldn’t expect anything other than a tight race between the two, all season long, and it will be intense, I believe that this season could come down, in a similar way that last-season did, only in the playoffs, this time, of course.




Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-writer.

Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350

Email: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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