Birdville High School Varstiy and Junior Varsity Shoot-Out League News and Notes..

Both the Birdville Hawks’ Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball teams will be participating in a pre-season shoot-out on Thursday night at Bryon Nelson High School.   Here are a few notes on the league:

  • Coach Jeff Fitch announced that Jay Crane will be coaching the Varsity Basketball team during the shoot-out
  • Crane’s son (Jeremy Crane) who is on the basketball team, said that (Jay) is out-of-town in Chicago, so there will be someone else on the sidelines, at least for tonight, anyways.
  • The Varsity schedule for Birdville includes playing the current defending State-3A Champions (Argiulli): “They have lost a lot of their studs, from graduation, so I wouldn’t expect them to be anywhere near as good as they where last-season,”.    Fitch said.

Thomas Brunt covers Birdville High School Sports, his editors tell him he needs to branch his coverage on the Football team out on to the other sports. 

Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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