My NBA Season Predictions for the up-coming season

As the NBA season is nearing another beginning, teams get ready for the start of what will be a long 82 game lingering season, I have no choice but to give you my predictions on the up-coming season: 

MVP: Kevin Durant:  Where do I even begin with him?…  He’s a phenom baller, and future face of the NBA, with his skills, the Thunder have already pretty much punched their ticket  for another NBA Finals Appearance.   — Durant won the scoring title last-season, expect for him to take it to a little bit of another level this time.  Last-season, he, behind Russell Westbrook, and James Harden led the team to the Finals.    Bust Team oF The Year: 

Orlando Magic:   — They lost all they had (pretty much), in Dwight Howard, who costed former Magic coach (Stan Van Gundy) their jobs.. way to go Howard, that’s the way to do it.    — It’s as simple as this: Dwight Howard got what he wanted.   Now on to the Magic, yep, they’ll suck, no doubt about it.

ROY:  Anthony Davis.

Don’t think an explanation is necessary for this one.

  NBA FINALS Prediction: 

Thunder-Bulls (Thunder in 7).

Durant NBA Finals MVP.

Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-writer 

Twitter:  @SPORTSDUDE350



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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