(COLUMN): NFL turning their back on the Giants?

The Giants aren’t pleased with the recent sportsmanship from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, yes, I’m refering to this past Sunday’s little “accident” when the Giants pretty much had the game won, Tampa Bay hurt one of the Giants’ players, and Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t to pleased with that at all.

—  Whether it was really an accident or not, I’m not 100% sure, myself.

— Though I can’t say  I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t, the evidence is clearly there, just the fact that Tampa knew they where going to lose makes it clear, it doesn’t make it ok, especially if it was an accident, just makes the evidence more clear in this case.

— Whether what happened on Sunday was an accident, or not it’s this season’s “no shake” from last-season between Detroit and San Fransisco.

Sometimes in Pro Sports, competition can get the best of a player or coach.

That’s what was going on here.

Again, it doesn’t make it O.K, but it makes it more evident.

— Therefore, leading to this: Tampa Bay meant to do it, they had every intentions of hurting the opposing team’s player.

Face the facts, Tampa Bay meant to do it, yet the league is sticking with the Bucs on this one.       The Giants may not have the respect they thought they had after winning the NFL Super-Bowl.


Is the NFL turning their back against the current defending NFL Super-Bowl Champions?

Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-writer 

Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350

Email: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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