Birdville Hawks vs. Dunbar Wildcats (Game Preview) Home-Coming Game (9/21/12)


The Hawks take on the 1-2 Dunbar Wildcats on Friday Night’s big game, as it”s home-coming week.   — On paper, the Hawks would seem to out-match Dunbar, as Birdville is 3-0 to start their season out, as mentioned earlier in this blog-post, Dunbar is 1-2.

The Wildcats have loses to:

Lincoln High School (20-14), and Wyatt High (44-37).


Dunbar’s first win came last week, throttling  Chisolm Trail High School by the final score of 63-12 at home, last Friday night.

But the Birdville Hawks are a much different team than Chisolm Trail, the Hawks are a team that’s going to give Dunbar a problem.

Last-Season, the Hawks lost their home-coming game vs. Byron Nelson, Birdville looks to do different this season, in winning this Friday night.


Birdville recent games, and notes include:

50-13 victory vs. Arlington Heights (Home)


48-7 victory vs. the Richland Rebels (Home)


36-16 victory at Boswell (Away)


Birdville Hawks quarterback Justin Martin has thrown for a total of 12 touchdown passes after just three games of play on the season, meanwhile the running-game has been very solid as well, with running-backs (Junior) Xavier Turner, and (Sophmore) running-back Isiah Durate.

— So far, no defense has been able to stop this two-dimensional offense, and what reason is there to think that anyone will, this offense is so dangerous, it’s going to have to take a super-human effort by the Dunbar Wildcats to upset the Birdville Hawks, and quite frankly, I just don’t think Dunbar can do it, I’m going with Birdville, in what should be a blow-out win for the Hawks.

Thomas Brunt covers Birdville Hawks football, and other Birdville High Sports for “The Hawk” school newspaper. 

Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350 









Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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