Redskins beat Saints on Sunday, but this is Pro Football, don’t be shocked.

Robert Griffin may be this year’s Cam Newton.   Cam Newton may be this year’s bust.   The Washington Redskins did something that no one expected, call it an upset, but come on this is Pro Football.  Anyone can lose on any-given Sunday, this isn’t College Football, yet there are still favorites, “upsets”, “underdogs” but there shouldn’t be, because anyone can win on any given Sunday, or Monday.

Or you can be amazed, amazed at the fact that the Redskins managed to do what no team was able to accomplish all of last-season, as the New Orleans Saints went 8-0 at home-last season, but don’t be amazed, because it’s a brand new season.

— The Skins’ may just be the league’s most improved team, and that’s deep going with that statement, than again maybe not.

To do what the Redskins did in New Orleans, that’s a statement, the Saints still had a chance though is the game went down to the wire, but Washington made the stops that they needed to in order to defeat New Orleans, by picking off Saint’s super-star QB Drew Brees, to ice the game.

Might have already said this a couple of times already, but: man, that’s a real statement.


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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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