Picking the Winners for Sunday’s BIG Games

Here are my Picks for some of Sunday’s games:

49ers @ Packers:

 — The San Fransico 49ers look to get back on track after coming within one game of the NFL Super-Bowl last-season in a  dramatic  loss to the eventual Super-Bowl champions, the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game.   — Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers and CO. attempt to do the same, after being knocked out in the playoffs, following such a dominating regular-season, finishing with an NFL best (for last-season15-1.

Game Analysis:

49er’s running-back Frank Gore should have a field-day, rushing for at least 100 yards, with quarterback Alex Smith having a sub-par game, with 50% passing.  Meanwhile Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, should be starting the season off the same-way he played during-last-season’s epic regular-season run for Green-Bay.


Look for this one to be a good one, as both teams have strong offenses.


Will Alex Smith show us that he is among the NFL’s best quarterbacks?  Will the 49ers be able to confuse the Packer defense with a nice combination of both a solid running game and a (solid) passing game?   Will Aaron Rodgers continue to prove his  legitamacy as an already elite NFL Quarterback?


***** Prediction: Packers win 24-20.


Steelers vs. Broncos: 

Peyton Manning debuts in his first game ever without the Indianapolis Colts, since well, his College Football career at Tennessee.   The Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos start their season out on primetime football on NBC Sunday night.   


— Will the Pittsburgh Defense make veteran quarterback Peyton Manning look like flat pizza dough; as the Broncos play at home vs. the defensive led Pittsburgh Steelers?


Or will new Broncos quarterback  and guaranteed Pro Football Hall Of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning prove, like Bret Farve did just a couple of seasons ago, that age is but a number?

Game Analysis:

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, always had a knack for having awesome chemistry with the Indianapolis Colts’ receivers  back in his Colts’ days, but the Broncos don’t have any big-name receivers, as they got rid of Brandon Marshall (A Dolphin) now.  With that being-said, expect the Pittsburgh defense to not have much of a problem.


**** Prediction: Steelers win, 17-13.

Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-journalist; follow his Twitter here:  @SPORTSDUDE350, email here: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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