The Cowboys take a stand, like a little brother should to a bigger brother, while spoiling the Giant’s Super-Bowl Celebration

The Giants, being the one that usually, as of late at least, have the upper-hand against the Dallas Cowboys.   With that being said, New York has gotten to treat Dallas like a little pesky brother and push Dallas down, but not on Wednesday night’s season opener, as the Cowboys spoiled last-season’s  Super-Bowl celebration for the home-town Giants at MetLife stadium.

The pesky little brother, the Cowboys have had enough of getting bossed around, and treated like a bag of dirt, so Romo and the Boys’ decided to take a stand on National Television.

It was time for the Giants to get a taste of their own medicine, the medicine that they have been stuffing down Jones’s mouth, lately.

Jones took a stand, the Cowboys, they all decided to finally take a stand, and in a hostile environment at MetLife Stadium, it worked.     On a 3rd and 12, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, made what was perhaps the play of the game for Dallas, if not that for sure the one that pretty much sealed the deal, by completing a 34 yard touchdown pass to Miles Austin.

Dallas would hold on to win the game, 24-17.

Hey, they took care of business, yeah at least now.

Dallas won, but they also took a stand; they took one just like the little brother that’s always getting pushed around by the older brother.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that they spoiled the Giants’ Super-Bowl celebration?   I may just have.

Thomas Brunt is on the Hawk newspaper, covering sports.  Twitter: @SPORTSDUDE350, Email:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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