NFL Storylines to keep an eye on this season

Thomas Brunt’s NFL Storylines to keep an eye on this season: 

The Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow New York Jets Soap Opera Begins:   Expect a lot of unexpected things.  Or expect Tim Tebow to respect Mark Sanchez.  Expect Mark Sanchez to get jealous of  Tim Tebow if  at some-point Sanchez’s performance isn’t worthy of  Ryan’s  team.   This will be interesting, or it should be at least.   


The Giants and their inconsistencies:

The Giants, for whatever the reason may be; seem to start sluggish in the begging of the season, and get in a losing streak, Eli looking like fried toast with the secondaries picking him off, and getting sacked, what have you.

— Until hmm.. say the last five or six games of the season; things start to fall in place.    One thing I have certainly learned from watching this team; don’t count them out.

Remember folks,  Tom Coughlin has been considered on the  “Red Hot Seat” a couple of times, but he shuts that talk up in a giant way by winning the Super-Bowl.  (2007, 2012).     — Well, umm,.. at least this team is consistently inconsistent?



The Cowboys and Dez Bryant:

Dallas has put Dez Bryant on a leash.  That’s all I need to say about that; other-than it’s all  because of  his maturity  issues.   If there is anything that I have learned from this case; it’s definitely  that Dallas isn’t going to take any crap.   For Dez, there are no excuses, he knows how to act; but he’s choosing to be stupid.


Tom Brady looks to get the Patriots on the rebound after losing the Super-Bowl to the Giants:

One of the greatest Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL  in Tom Brady has a chip on his shoulder, and it’s something that every-team that loses the Super-Bowl has to deal with coming into the next-season.

— I’m 100% sure that if  the Patriots where to win the Super-Bowl this (coming) season, against someone other than the Giants, Tom Brady would be just fine; in the fact that it wouldn’t be revenge on the G-Men.

So in other words; Tom Brady doesn’t have a chip on shoulder because he’s 0-2 against the Giants in the Super-Bowl; but because they lost the Super-Bowl period last-season, and that’s the bottom line.  I don’t think it would have mattered at all who they lost it to, the thing is they lost it, but as long as they win it, hey it’s the Super-Bowl, and everyone on the team’s a winner when (if) you win that game.

Is Cam Newton the Real Deal for Real?:

There is no doubt that the guy put up simply amazing numbers just for a rookie last-season, but the big question here is was that a fluke, or is he the guy to save the Carolina Panthers franchise that seemingly is still down the drain (even after his phenomenal rookie season last-season).

And Last but not Least:

Terrell Owens and whatever team he ends up with:

…. Owens was with Seattle, but according to a Tweet from the former 49er’s receiver, he got cut from the team.  — What’s next now for the Future Hall Of Fame Football player?   (And for those wondering, no I highly doubt he’ll grow out of his own ego.

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Author: Thomas Brunt

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