My Farewell To This Blog.

Editors Note: I will still keep this blog, I just won’t ever use it anymore, that is if I get accepted to this blog:   

So in other words; yes, this likely be my last post on this blog.  Before I finish this likely final blog-post, I just want to thank  all of my readers that have been there for me during this entire ride for me.

I appreciate you all for sharing the content you may have shared of mine on here, and for all the “likes’ or the very, very few comments I got here, for those that really tried to make an effort to help promote this sports-blog, I deeply appreciate you, and I hope you continue to read my stuff over at (if I do get accepted, which there is a VERY great chance I will), over the several weeks, I’ve realized that this blog has been getting more “reads” according to my blog-stats, one more final time; I say good-bye, please continue to read my stuff in the future.

Thank you for all the reads, shares, and very, very few comments you may have left on this blog for me.  I appreciate everything to my readers.   Continue to follow me on Twitter: @BHS_SPORTSGUY



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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