Jerry Jones has brainwashed us all

DALLAS:    Jerry Jones has brain-washed a huge population of the DFW area, and everyone doesn’t know the sour truth of  this team.   The Truth that everyone denies because they can’t take it.  

Tony Romo isn’t the guy for this team, and he doesn’t really have what it  takes to lead a pro football team as a starting quarterback. 

— While he might post some good numbers in most of  the season’s he’s played in, Romo’s lack of effort in crucial games, such as  games in the month of December,  have costed the Boys’ some pretty big ones.  

I know it’s not fair to blame everything  that has gone wrong on this team on him, but even 2 head-coaches since Romo started playing in Big D, hasn’t  seem to benefit him in a good way, and the first coach under Romo is a Hall Of Famer in Bill Parcells.  

That proves Romo isn’t the guy for this team, he couldn’t get it done, not even under  Parcells, who won’t be recogonized for his short three year coaching career with Dallas.

The real test  for Romo; will come during the training camps leading up to the following season.  

— Let’s face it, the truth here is that during Romo’s intersting 5 year tenure as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, he hasn’t  had to go up against tough QB competion. 

Next time though, it’s different.  Romo has unproven, underappreciated, former starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos Kyle Orton to go up against, mark my words;  the Cowboys are going to find out that the last five years haven’t been with the man Jerry Jones keeps calling, and praising him, even after recent failures, he still continues to poor on the falsehood of lies that lye upon the Dallas Cowboys.

The turth here is Jerry Jones has brain-washed you, and you all need to snap out of it.

Tony Romo will be  up against his back for the first time, and if he doesn’t prevail than the last five years have been lies.   Watch out for Jerry, he’s full of it; though I must admit he is a very interesting character.

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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