Wrestle Mania 28 Review

Warning:  This column contains spoilers from Wrestlemania 28 which was held in Miami Flordia on April 1rst, 2012.

Triple H vs.  The Undertaker:   This match was so intense, even from the point before the match when HHH was in the misty ring, waiting for the than 19-0  Undertaker, than came his theme song, after of course Triple H’s theme song.  — Let me say:  what a way to end an arera of great wrestling.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole match.  

I wanted the Undertaker to lose, but that didn’t happen, as you should know that this company thinks that Callaway’s character was destined to go undefeated in Wrestlemania, but there were a few times I thought Helmsley was going to win it; in fact, he had his chances. 

He just blew them off.   HHH was  to busy whining to guest special referee Shawn Micheals.   I was shouting out loud: “Cover him!, cover him!”  of course, he didn’t, but in this case, I’m better of knowing that this is indeed just scripted.   It makes me feel better about how “it could of gone”.    What I mean is the Game didn’t really have an “opprutinity” in this match when the Taker’ was down.

Despite this match being called: “the end of an era match”,   I still wouldn’t be surprised if WWE fans still ponder the question: “is this really the end of an era”?   If it is, they know how to end something like this. 

One more thing about this match:  What a show of respect from the three after the match, it gave me chills seeing them the way they were, and it was all cheers and applauds from the crowd, that probably makes up the major part of their paychecks, and has for quite some time now.   I truly think that this match stole the main-spotlight of Wrestlemania 28.

John Cena vs. The Rock:

“The most anticipated match” probably didn’t live up to the hype that everyone thought it would, despite that; there were still some great moments in this match.  Just as it looked like Cena may of had it, The Rock almost fainted on a three count. 

Which reminds me, and probably a lot of others about how Cena’s Wrestle Mania 22 match was won by (Cena, himself) vs. Triple H.   But this time  for Cena it was different;  The Rock had more gas than the Game did from WM22. 

 —  In the end though, the triumphant Rock, in front of the 78,000 or so, of his home-town Miami, was able to get back up on his feet and win the match vs. John Cena to ultimately submit his super-star/ hof spot in the WWE’s all time great’sYes, I believe with this being in Miami, had  everything to do with the Rock winning.

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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