When Haters Hate

Yes, I still write for Pro Sport Talk.com ,  I just miss hitting “publish” right away on some articles that I write, don’t expect me to be doing this on a regular-bases here on this blog.

MIAMI:   When haters choose to hate, the going gets tough.

They’ll just say: “haters will hate”.

That’s true, you can’t get more true than that, but you still probably shouldn’t say anything, I’m aware that saying that isn’t going to put out any fires, because there is always going to be disrepct of all kinds, —  and plus, without haters, what’s the point of achieving some goals you may have?

Some people (just to hate) on him, say that Chris Bosh looks like a dinosaur, some say  he looks like an ostrich, but

 Bosh doesn’t just have personal haters though, he also has haters that hate on the Miami Heat.   — Everyone’s either a bandwagon, a true fan, or a hater in this world, and that’s just what the Miami Heat deal with all the time, not that all pro sports teams don’t have to, but Miami, is a special one.

— As you know, it starts with the King of Akron, who decided to take his talents to South Beach a couple of summers ago.

Cleveland Caviler  fans started hating, and than came  the flames.

They decided to not just hate on their former beloved face of the franchise, but all his teammates too.    Than came the pressure on the “Big 3″  of the NBA, and than it happened, the moment that the haters we’re waiting for finally came, with the Miami Heat losing in six  games to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

The Big 3 of the Miami Heat are still playing through that pressure and sometimes skepticism, though it has probably risen down from last-season, critics will critque, fans will root, and bandwagons will have excuses for their current rootings, and you know the haters will hate.   But that’s just the world we live in,  and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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