REPORT: Torry Holt to retire as a member of the Rams

The last time any of us saw Torry Holt play was before he left the Patriots after suffering a knee injury during training camp in 2010, but word out of St.Louis is out that he’s about to sign a contract with the Rams.  Note: It’s kind of like one of those contracts Jerry Rice signed at the end of his career to still end up as a 49er.  

So with that being said, there will not be any comeback attempt, or so a source claims.  The source with the information that says Holt will sign a contract with the Rams so he can announce his retirement is  Tony Softli of ESPN 101 Radio in St.Louis.    Holt had a legit first  8 years in the league (99-07) which were with St.Louis, than he went to Jacksonvillein 09, where he wasn’t much of  an impact in, than of course, the 2010 training camp knee injury.

Note: Holt one of  few NFL players who in their rookie season were pretty big contributors, and aside from Isac Bruce (teammate WR, and Kurt Wurner teammate QB), help led his team to a Super-Bowl victory vs. the Tennessee Titans

Holt as a rookie member of the 1999 St.Louis Rams


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