COLUMN: Lamar Odom is the Mavericks’ own problem

DALLAS:  Lamar Odom is the Mavericks’ own problem.  It was (besides) the lockout, one of the NBA’s biggest off-season buzzes, but that didn’t stop him from not contributing to the veteran squad Mavericks who already lost a few of their championship team key pieces in Tyson Chandler, J.J Bareja, and the retired Peja Stojakovic, who ultimately made his voice heard in the Western Semi Finals vs. the LA Lakers, and had a pretty quiet rest of the playoffs after that. 

Odom didn’t do much to help Dallas’s case as the defending NBA Champions.  Statistically, this is Odom’s worst season he’s ever played, Odom hasn’t even averaged ten points a game this season.  The Mavericks, who thought wrong, also lost more than they bargained for in Odom, who ironically played his last-game as a Laker vs. the Mavericks in the previous season’s NBA playoffs,  Odom and  Ron Artest (formally known as Ron Artest, now Metta World Peace) were both ejected for the Lakers in that game. 

When the Mavs started losing their key pieces, that’s when skepticism rose for the defending champs.  Yes, no NBA team, except for the Lakers (2008-2011) have really done their job in defending the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the past 10 years.  

Come the (delayed opening day of the 2011-2012 season), on Christmas day, the Dallas Mavericks hosted the Miami Heat in a rematch of the previous seasons’ NBA Finals.  

The Heat came to play in that game, and the Mavericks, well, they left their game in their championship victory over Miami in the previous season’s game 6 which decided the winner of the season. 
That Christmas day game was a sign that the newly acquired Maverick Lamar Odom who was 1-6 from the field in the loss to Miami could be headed for a struggling season if he didn’t turn his game around, and so far, Odom hasn’t really changed that yet.
The Mavericks are just another team, that fails to repeat in the competitive world of Pro Sports.   

 The NBA though, has had more success defending it’s Championships than the NFL who hasn’t had a repeat Super-Bowl championin almost 11 years. — Odom’s respect for Dallas is questionable, and some are wondering if he will even remain apart of the defending champions basketball team the next season.


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Author: Thomas Brunt

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