Wrestling has changed

The Rock should have won the match back in 2002 vs. Chris Jerricho, this is some B.S, big time.  I’m pretty mad that it ended the way it did.

Despite that, it’s an underrated match, not an absolute all time great match, but, an underrated match. I don’t exactly know what it is about it, but to me at least, there seems to be something missing that would make this match that much better.  But it’ s not like neither The Rock or Jerricho haven’t been in all time great matches before, because they have, quite a lot.  The both of them have been wrestling long enough to appreciate the pre-pg era of Wrestling (formally known as WWF, or WCW).

It seems to me, that back than, it actually meant SOMETHING to hold the “WWF” championship belt, as appose to these days, when Cena wins it for the 3000th time.

What happened to those Good old days of  wrestling?

Where there wasn’t Teddy Long and John Lauritnius interrupting every match, splashing all “WWE” headlines every week?

What happened to the good old days when their was blood in most matches, when you could hear the cussing?

What happened to the old John Cena when they would have him rap out every opponent?   (Yes, I know they did that a couple weeks ago with the Rock Concert at the end of  “SmackDown”, but come on, what’s this crap that they have come up with these days, the main part that Cena is now, which is basically “SuperCena” is, well, it’s not exactly what it used to be.

What happened to those awesome promos?

What has happened to Wrestling?

It appears they’ve forgotten the true meaning of “Entertainment”, but hey, it’s still wrestling, and I guess I can appreciate the good matches they might have every once in a while, here.



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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