My Basketball Opinions

My Basketball Opinions: 

What has Lamar Odom done to help the Mavericks as Defending Champions this season? (nothing) I mean Odom’s only averaged about 7 points per game this season, which is a career-low for him.  The Mavericks have lost a few key players from last-season’s team.  Such as  Tyson Chandler, Peja Stockiviajick, J.J Bareja.

The Lakers are a trainwreck about to happen with a really good player in Kobe Bryant:

Kobe can still get the job done, he’s really proved that this season, it’s been a little while longer than I’d like to see Bryant dominate at the level that he has this season, I’m not saying that Bryant hasn’t ever played this well, or hasn’t had a good season before, but Bryant is just really playing lights-out this season, despite that though, the Lakers as a team, at times haven’t been as consistent as a whole, but let’s face it, most of this season the Lakers have been a train in a wreck about to happen.

Let’s face it, the Celtics Big  Three days’ are almost over:

As you know, KG was once upon a time, was with a suckish Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team that wasn’t capable of doing much, but before that, they probably had one of the most talented teams in the Western Conference (behind the Lakers).  The Wolves had (As I said): Kevin Garnett, Sam Cassell, Lattrell Sprewell, Brandon Jones, you know, those guys. After that, Minnesota and KG were going down the pipes as a franchise, that’s how  “the big ticket” ended up in Beantown.  Yep, enough about Minny, now to “Ray-Ray”.   Ray Allen came from (Seattle) (know known as OKC).  Garnet and Allen joined a (at the time) hopeless Paul Pierece who had been there ever since the begging of his career, the Celtics won the NBA Championship in their first season as the Big Three vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.     Note: Before KG and Ray Allen joined the Celts, Pierece had an all right team there (03-05) with Antoine Walker, and Tony Delk, and others. 




Author: Thomas Brunt

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