My NFL Awards Column:

My NFL Awards Column: 

And… the He’s Lucky to even still be here award goes to: Norv Turner.  The Chargers we’re bad, not that bad, but they weren’t consistent.  Turner is (obviously) lucky, lucky that he’s still even in San-Diego.  While they think they’re giving him another chance to succeed, they are also giving him another chance to flunk, and that would be the way out of San Diego for Mr.Turner.

The After I did this for you, you treat me like this  award goes to:  Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers.  When the 49ers entered the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, Alex Smith wasn’t happy, despite being a free-agent, at the time.   Smith couldn’t believe that they didn’t give him the contract he wanted right away, after what he had done for them the previous season (lead them only one game shy of NFL Super-Bowl).  Despite the Niners recently signing him, again, he still isn’t very happy.

The I’m going to be kicking your butt for the next 3 years award goes to:  Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, who on Tuesday were the “big winners” of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.  Now,  as you know, Manning doesn’t have a full career ahead of him, unlike Andrew Luck will, and probably does, but that doesn’t stop Manning from kicking butt for the next 3 years, does it?

The We Thought you we’re the stuff award goes to:  Sam Bradford and the St.Louis Rams: After an okay rookie season, Sam Bradford took a bit of a plummet near success, and some of that has to do with the fact that the Rams had to deal with injuries, don’t worry Rams fans, I believe that your team is headed toward a back on track season.    KEEP WISHING RAM FANS!!!!

The Miami Heat of the NFL award goes to:  Vince Young  and the Philadelphia Eagles.  During the 0ff-season, Eagles backup QB Vince Young was quoted saying: “We’re the dream-team” well, come season time, the Eagles choked, and they ate some crow, great job Mr.Young!   Note: This also has to do with the signing of  Namandi Asmagohua 

The You’re only a Rookie, you’re playing like Tom Brady with Randy Moss from 2007  award goes to:  None other than, Cam Newton, duh. — The guy is freaking legit, put up spectacular numbers for a rookie, he definitely proved the haters wrong, for now.

The We are the States Real NFL team award goes to:  The New York Giants,  In case you forgotten, the Giants put a giant crow in  “Sexy Rexy’s” mouth by beating the J-E-T-S the day before Christmas Eve.   Note: Yes, the Giants won the Super-Bowl *sigh*  and yes, this win vs. the Jets knocked them out of the playoffs, and no, I’M NOT A JETS FAN, NOR A GIANTS FAN. 

The Good job, you just signed someone that did nothing for about 7 years award goes to:  The Buffalo Bills in their recent signing of  Defensive End Mario Williams (formerly of the Houston Texans).

The I keep getting fined by the NFL Commissioner Award goes to:

That one dude from the Pittsburgh Steelers, yes, THIS guy.  James seems to always be in trouble, and you know how they talk about Pro Athletes setting good examples for little viewers, well, he’s crossed that line just a tad bit, to much.

And, last, but not least, the last one is:  Congratulations, you have done absoutley nothing to benefit your team so far this off-season award goes to:  The Miami Dolphins, who as I wrote (previously) could be so much more.

The Sportsguy Thomas Brunt wants you to know that he thinks this is the most GENIUS SPORTS COLUMN HE’S EVER WRITTEN. 


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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