What the Miami Dolphins could be: (Much More)

MIAMI:  The Dolphins could be so much more, so much more, in fact.  They could have guys like: QB Matt Flynn, they could have HOF QB Peyton Manning, they could have Alex Smith, or they could (still) have Brandon Marshall.  — And who knows really, what else they could have on this team, but even if Manning did end up with Miami, he wouldn’t be there for 14 years,  nope, he’d be there for 3 years.   Hey, as Pittsburgh Steeler (Defensive Back) Ryan Clark put it: “No one wants to play for the Dolphins”.

Thomas Brunt wants you to know that he thinks that the Dolphinshave done absolutely nothing to benefit themselves this off-season.

Matt Flynn signing with the Miami Dolphins did not happen this off-season, instead he ended up with the Seattle Seehawks, where he is NOT guaranteed a starting QB job right away.

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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