My MLB Predictions Part 2

Editors Note: This is part 2 of 2 in my “MLB World Series Predictions column” 

Bryce Harper will struggle at first, but will get in to the groove of things later:

It’s just a gut feeling, really, I can’t really say that much about it, but I will say that Strasburg will be great, right away.

Which Adam Dunn will show up in 2012?:

Now let me get something straight here: to say that Adam Dunn had a miserable year in 2011, nope, I’m sorry, that would be an understatement.  The 2012 season gives Dunn a chance to prove he (still, and really does) belong in the elite hitters class.

One thing though, is for certain that I know, the WhiteSox WILL NOT GET WHAT THEY BARGAINED FOR..



Joe Mauer will be a strong MVP candidate if he stays healthy:

Between 2006-and 2010, Joe Mauer finished in the top 10 for the American League MVP voting four out of  five years.  But in 2011, Mauer was only able to play in 82 games, the key here, this time for Mr.Mauer is to stay healthy, and I like his chances at a possible shot as an MVP of the AL. 


Mariano Rivera could be pitching his last season:

There’s no question that Rivera is, if not the greatest closer of all time, one of the greatest closers to ever pitch in the MLB.   — Rivera hinted at retirement earlier this year, but no one can be for sure what his true intentions are, or can they?   One thing, though is for sure about him: He has nothing left really to prove, he very well could retire after this season, or heck, maybe even during this season.


Will we see the Ubaldo Jimminez of the Rockies?:

No, it was a fluke season that one time, either that, or I’m just me?  Yeah, sure, that’s it.

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