Rangers Blog: Rangers won’t hide Yu Darvish from AL West opponents

SURPRISE, Ariz. – Rangers manager Ron Washington said he has no intentions of keeping RHP Yu Darvish from pitching against American League or AL West opponents this spring. Washington also said Darvish won’t pitch in “B” games.

“We are not going to hide him,” Washington said. “When his spot in the rotation falls, we will pitch him. Maybe if we had a closer, we might not try not to expose him, but a starter, we’re not going to take “A” game innings away from him to put him in a “B” game.”

Darvish makes his first spring start on Wednesday against San Diego in Peoria. He is expected to pitch two innings or about 40 pitches. If he pitches again four days later, he’d face the Seattle Mariners in Peoria. If he pitches every fifth day for the rest of camp, he’d face no other AL clubs. If Darvish ends up pitching fourth in the rotation to start the season, his first start for the Rangers would be against Seattle.

The question is whether he will pitch every fourth day from the outset or if the Rangers will play with the schedule to allow him to ease into the MLB rotation.

The Rangers’ exhibition schedule is unusually light on AL West opponents this year, partly because Seattle and Oakland are leaving Arizona early to open the season in Japan. The Rangers game with Seattle on March 12th is the teams’ only meeting this spring. The Rangers play the A’s only once, on March 15th. They play the Los Angeles Angels in back to back games on March 24-25.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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