My list of Possible Teams Peyton Manning might end up at.


WASHINGTON REDSKINS:  As I said last time, this team lacks a good QB, and that, I think is the ultimate difference for the Skins’ current spot, to possibly contending in the NFC East.  — Not just that, but the Redskins have a lot of cap-space, and if they’re willing to spend some out of that, than they could be looking at a possible NFC East division crown.    

NEW YORK JETS:  The Jets patience appears to be running out on QB Mark Sanchez.  — New York has to make a decision here:  Continue to play the waiting game with Rex Ryan, and Sanchez, who would be in his 4rth career year, or they can take a quarterback that may not really have that much left in him, and with a high injury prone rate in Peyton Manning.   Either way though, it’s up to them.  If Manning ends up here, maybe when Ryan   says there going to win the Super-Bowl, the fans will believe him.    

Miami Dolphins:  The Dolphins have been through their recent share of  QB failures in the past 4 years.  If Miami does sign Manning, than, this would be the best at QB Depth they’ve been since  Jay Fiedler (2000-2004 in Miami).   But those are just “if’s”, and this is basically what this column is: “if” this team can sign that player.. so and so.   

Buffalo Bills:  As promising as Ryan Fitzpatrick may seem these past couple of seasons, those numbers are only going to get you somewhere inyour Fantasy Football League,  I just don’t think Fitzpat has been consistent enough to truly have the keys of this team.  Though, for every team that may sign Peyton, comes aconsequence rate: of some kind, at least.  Yes, I’m referring, to  his Injury Prone level, which brings me to my next point: RETIREMENT:  Manning may wan to see if he can sign with the retired team, after all, I mean, if you haven’t noticed, his injury rate  is pretty high, he may not want to end up taking a risk at possibly permantly damaging himself for life.  — That’s why retiring may be the best decision for Mr. Manning  (in my opinion that is). 

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Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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