Freddy Sanchez: Shoulder “is probably better than any of us expected” + Latest News & Notes on the SF Giants.

Freddy Sanchez still can’t do certain drills  as he is still recovering from right shoulder surgery, but he said he’s right on schedule for opening day.

” I think it’s a lot better than we all expected”. (Sanchez on his shoulder).  

Sanchez feels no pain while hitting or taking grounders, and has done plenty both.  But he is still limited to 100-140 feet while throwing, and hasn’t yet attempted some of the off-balance throws that a 2nd baseman needs to make. But he is happy with where his arm’s at.

Sanchez was hurt last June 10 when he made a diving stop on a ground ball, dislocating his shoulder. He had surgery August 2, and said the timing proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Here are some random notes I have collected  for this particular blog-post:

  • Sanchez says he’s way ahead of schedule. Was throwing 3 days  a week with some discomfort, now 5 days a week with no problem.
  • Sanchez also says he could DH today if there were a game.  He fully expects to be opening day second baseman.
  • According to Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle :  Linecum’s agent, Ricky Thurman, chatted with veep Bobby Evans today.  — Nothing formal.  Agents pop by camps all the time to see clients, execs  (Schulman tweeted this via Twitter. 
  • The Giants have announced that they are not interested in Roy Oswalt.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Braun’s 50 game suspension has been lifted (appeal accepted). That’s the news that will effect the Giants.

Giants closer Brian Wilson really aired it out Thursday (that’s today).  Wilson aired it out a whole lot more than he did on Monday.


Thomas Brunt covers the SF Giants for fun on his ow personal blog. —  Thomas Brunt wants you to know that he is in consideration of being named the Giants beat-writer for the “MLB Franchise Podcast blog”.   Follow him on Twitter:!/BHS_SPORTSGUY    


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