SF GIANTS BLOG: Villanola’s arrival is delayed + Giants Blog Journal Notes Of The Day

SCOTTSDALE ARI:   Giants first-baseman Angel Villanola’s visa has been delayed because of combination of  health and weight issues.   “It’s  a visa that requires they be an elite athlete,” Giants vice president of baseball operations Bobby Evans said.   He’s  not what in the U.S .  consulate would view top physical or medical condition.


Evans said the delay could be 24 hours or multiple weeks.  Evans added:   the club is “disappointed but also hopefull”.



1. The Giants suffered another injury Monday when it was revealed that minor league second baseman Charlie Culberson will be out indefinitely with a broken finger on his left hand.  Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle was the first to tweet the news.  Andrew Baggarly of Comcast SportsNet says that Culberson dropped a weight on the tip of his finger.

2. ******Yesterday, Ryan Vogelsong’s back injury reverbearted throughout Giants Nation, who is also batting the crud, will be out up to two weeks after straining his back in the weight room (this is according to 22gigantes.com  , maybe David Groeschner needs to start doing safety sessions in the weight room.

3.  Kevin Kaduk of “Yahoo’s!” Big League Stew writes that former Giants outfielder Carlos Beltran recently footed the bill for his ex-Mets teammate Jonathon Niese‘s nose job.



Author: Thomas Brunt

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