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In the biggest stage of competition, the Mavericks delivered, they delivered in Miami, the home of the “big 3”.    But in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, when Mavs Forward Dirk Nowitzki didn’t deliver, someone-else had to show up.  The Big German that usually leads the pack, didn’t do to well in Game 6.  — Jason Terry ended up showing up for the Mavericks.  — The defending “Sixth Man Of The Year” showed up for Nowitzki.  Let’s face it though, we all know that had Terry not shown up for the big star,  Dallas would have lost.   I’m not for sure about this, no wait, never-mind, yes I am.  — That’s why I type with such confidence in saying what I did say a couple of sentences ago.

—  Let me just say though that:  Game 6 of the Finals was probably the worst I’ve seen Nowitzki play in any game, and I think that’s saying a lot for someone who at first in this league, wasn’t right away, a hit.  Not like Kevin Durrant was, nope, not like Kobe Bryant, either.

— The Big German struggled to at first find his niche, but after time, he found it, he found it just like Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo found his niche in this league, you see, Romo isn’t even supposed to be  a starting QB, but after a likely injury to starting Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, Romo got a chance, and he shined.

— Now that, obviously, is a little off-topic, but my point is:  Dirk Nowitzki found his niche in the league, and of all the failed (foreign) (European, to be exact) athletes that have tried to play this game, Nowitzki surpasses all, him and former teammate Peja Stojakovic’.   Though we know here, that there isn’t even a contest between the two: Dirk hands down is the best between the two, but again, that’s speaking from an European range of things.

Dirk has something that all the failed European players don’t have.  — Can you guess?:  An NBA Championship Ring, and yes, Peja has one.  —- That’s why he’s smart, smart to retire, and not play another season.  — Just win a Championship, and get out of here. Well, as you can clearly see, that took long enough for Peja, as it did for Dirk.  — Maybe Nowitzki is just  trying  to make up for all the  missed opportunities he has had in his career, which has been about as long as Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning’s tenure with the Colts.  — Which as you know, is most likely coming to an end, real soon.

The Sportsguy, Thomas Brunt is wiling to bet this column made absolutely no sense to you, but that’s okay, because, he  was bored, and just wanted to write something random as poop. 


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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