Super-Bowl XLVI: It’s a Only a game, or is it?

INDIANAPOLIS (AGAIN):  It’s just a game, or is it? —  Not just any game, but the Super-Bowl. — “You just never know if you’ll make it back again” Giants QB Eli Manning said before Super-Bowl XLVI, that, for sure, is true. — When Denver Broncos Quarterback John  Elway lost his first 2 Super-Bowls, who knew if he for sure was going to get back in it and actually win one?


But for guys like the man whom lost on Sunday night’s game vs. the Giants, Tom Brady, he’s got 3 Super-Bowl rings to polish. — Former Steelers quarterback  Terry Bradshaw has 4 to polish, but my point here is:  In the NFL, you may only be in the Super-Bowl once, you have to make the most of your opportunities to win it.   All it means is for that one game, you played better, you made the plays that counted, the ones that you needed to in order to be the Super-Bowl Champions.  And in each Super-Bowl’s New York Giants QB Eli Manning has been in, he’s definitely made the plays in order to win the game.


You re-call “the catch” by Former Giants WR David Tyree, and if you payed attention at all on Sunday night’s Super-Bowl XLVI game, you know that there was yet, another big play made by the Giants on offense.  — The Giants started from their own 11 yard-line, trailing the Pats, and then, Manning’s throw is on the money yet again, for yet another, big catch, this time to Giants WR Mario Manningham, who made perhaps probably the biggest play of the game.


It’s only a game, but the Super-Bowl, it’s more than just a game, it’s the team’s two best teams at it squaring off against each other for one final epic showdown. And in two Super-Bowl appearances for Eli Manning, he’s delivered,   when it mattered the most both times.  — For the losers, it’s just a game, but for the winners, well, they won the “game” that is the biggest one of the entire season.  — Who knows if you’ll ever make it back again, Giants QB Eli Manning  knows it’s only “a game”, but he wants to make sure that he makes the most of his chances.  — We certainty know that Patriots QB Tom Brady has, but remember “it’s only a game”, why don’t you try telling this to the 1999 Tennesee Titans?, or you can go ahead and say that to the 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 Buffalo Bills who lost all 3 of those Super-Bowl games.  — Is it really just a ” game”, or is it more then that?

Why don’t you think about it.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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