Patriots-Ravens Live game blog (Refresh for Updates)


Notes: J.Flacco is 4-3 in his career in the playoffs, and he has 50 career wins combined from the regular season and post-season (4 years).  

14:16: Flacco’s pass almost batted away

13:50: Ravens punt, ball out to the 40 yard-line (36 yard-punt) he barley got that punt away. Patrick Chung close to getting in their, and getting a block on it.

13:04: Ball deflected from the line of scrimmage


12:57:  Ed Reed close to picking off Tom Brady. Brady had plenty of time on that throw, pass was intended for (Deion Branch).


12:49: Each team to begin the game, with  a three-and out.

12:41: Neither team really getting much of anything on offense so far today


12:00: Flacco sacked by J.Eddlemen?


11:10: Ravens punt, Pats ball.


10:46: Pats get first first down of the game on a running play

10:12: Brady to #84 for a first down, 2nd straight first down

9:40: Brady to Herndez for a 4 yard gain


9:16: Nothing on that run, that brings up 3&6 New England


8:45: Brady to Edleman for a Patriots’ first down


(Brady for 4-6 so far at about the 8:30 mark of the game)


7:49: Brady throws a pick, but a penalty on the defense, takes interception away   Random Stat  Note: That was Baltimore’s first penalty in 180 plays. 


7:00: Brady sacked at about the 16 yard-line.





Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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