In the end, maybe Dallas not making the post-season was best (explanation in here)

Football: New York Giants Hakeem Nicks (88) in action, making touchdwon catch vs Dallas Cowboys Orlando Scandrick (32) at MetLife Stadium. East Rutherford, NJ 1/1/2012 CREDIT: David Bergman (Photo by David Bergman /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: X86707 TK1 R1 F1852 )

NEW YORK:  The Cowboys can’t win the big one.  —- Dallas’s loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night’s game send them back home to Cowboys stadium, the Cowboys also with the loss, will make it 2 straight seasons of an early off-season for Dallas. — The Cowboys, like last-season, will get to sit at home on the couch watching other teams compete for the Super-Bowl trophy.  If there is any-positive that comes out of this for Cowboys’ fans, it’s that they don’t have to feel the pressure of the playoffs, and knowing the Cowboys, maybe heading home where they started their regular season out on 9/11 at  the Jets was a good thing.


Despite missing the playoffs this season, the Cowboys still showed a lot of improvement and potential during the 2011-2012 NFL regular season, you know how the defense was during last-season’s 6-10 sting, well, the Cowboys went out and found Rob Ryan, who was the former defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns, and Ryan DID NOT disappoint in his first season as the coach of the defense making improvements with the team’s defense, making them the middle of the leagues defense, which from last-season, is a pretty big improvement, and you should look for even more (“big things”) from Ryan’s defense in the future.


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