MY BLOG: My Quick-Picks for next season in College Football

As the season gets closer and closer to an end in the College Football season, and as we are just 9 days away from the National Championship game, next season starts to creep closer and closer a little bit each day. — Here are my quick-picks for next season:

Heisman Winner:  Matt Barkley:  Now that it’s official that he’s going to stay for his senior season at USC, and also the fact that his senior season is the season/year that the Trojans aren’t banned from bowling (yes, that includes BCS bowl games). 

Quarterback of the Year: Robert Griffin: — Now, he may go pro, but he hasn’t made a decision yet, this is only assuming that Griffin does stay at Baylor for one more season. — If he does, watch out, Griffin, will be a stud, as he’s proved to be one the past 2 seasons with the Bears.  — Griffin might have what it takes to compete with Barkley for the Heisman battle, but  I think Barkley, because USC will (I think) go undefeated, will win the prestigious trophy (Heisman). 

Surprise Team of the Season:  Texas Tech:  — Let’s face it, the Red-Raiders are coming off their most disappointing season since 1994, Tech finished with a sub-par 5-7 record, with new starting QB (Seth Dodege). — And not to mention new head-coach Tommy Tuberville, look out for the Red-Raiders, look out for them to compete within at least the top 4 of the Big 12. 

 National Champions: USC Trojans:  


Matt Barkley is as I said earlier in this blog-post, officially back, and their is no stopping him and the possibilities of a undefeated USC Trojan team, this team posses to much talent to be stopped. — The Trojans are also going to be getting out of a bowl-game ban, yes, that does also include “BCS Bowl games” as well.  — If you look at it, no one in the Pac 12 really matches up that good with Barkley’s Trojans, their a pretty safe pick to go undefeated, you would be wise to pick them, and dumb not to.  



Additional picks:  

Bust team of the year: Ohio State: — It’s been a rough-tough past 6 months for Buckeye fans, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get smoother any-time soon, and there is no Jim Tressel to help bail Buckeye fans out of this chaotic world, the NCAA apparently banned him from being able to coach Ohio State ever again.

— There also might be some recruiting blocks against them, with all of that being said, don’t expect the Buckeyes to have the success that they have been having the past decade, or so. 

Urban Meyer to Ohio State Buckeyes Will Only Create More Drama in the Media World that we live in.

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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