My latest blog post: My thoughts on Giants/Jets

I’m a Freshman sports-writer/reporter for Birdville High School (Birdville Hawks, BISD). — This is MY OWN PERSONAL sports-blog, and it MAY NOT BE copied in any shape, way, or form at all what so ever.

NEW YORK: Rex Ryan likes to talk a big game, but can his team win one? — The Jets did knock off the Patriots in the playoffs last-season, but that was than, this is now, and the Jets need a win, a win to keep post-season wins alive, and so do the Giants, for the same reason. — Eli Manning is more of the QB, rather than 3rd year starting QB Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets. That, and he’s got good receivers that can make plays, but the Giants have been inconsistent this season, at least if anything, Manning is more conistent as a player, in the fact that he hasn’t thrown as many interceptions this season as he did all of last season (25).  — This game is as big as the Big Apple it’s self for the time being, of course. — As you know though, only team can come out on top, will Ryan’s big game talk Jets come to play, or will Coughlin’s Giants prevail in a Giant game?

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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